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Solar Energy


In this post we wanted to provide a snapshot of the solar energy landscape today, where it’s headed and why transitioning to solar is a smart investment this year. 1. Energy prices are rapidly rising, despite overall inflation rates stabilizing While inflation costs are beginning to stabilize and we’re seeing pre-pandemic prices

Solar Energy

Expanding The Solar Supply Chain Finance

Solar energy for residences is a hot topic, and rightfully so. The amount of solar connected to the electric grid has grown exponentially in the past several years, and there are now nearly 4 million American households that are already generating their own power with solar energy. This clean energy

Solar Energy

Surviving sustainably on solar energy 2023

Solar energy is an incredible investment for non-profit organizations. Solar energy allows non-profit organizations to lower electricity costs and allocate more funds toward their causes. It also improves a non-profit’s environmental impact, reducing its carbon footprint and helping it gain recognition as a financially-responsible, trustworthy organization. Fundraising efforts and discounted