Solar Energy

Solar energy is an incredible investment for non-profit organizations. Solar energy allows non-profit organizations to lower electricity costs and allocate more funds toward their causes. It also improves a non-profit’s environmental impact, reducing its carbon footprint and helping it gain recognition as a financially-responsible, trustworthy organization.

Fundraising efforts and discounted installation services make solar panels accessible to non-profits. You can switch your organization to solar energy by educating your board and members about its benefits, raising funds for an initial investment and hiring an experienced solar energy company to install top-quality solar panels.


Non-profit organizations can take advantage of the following financial incentives when they invest in solar energy:

  • Tax credit: A property owner who installs a solar energy system is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. Non-profit organizations can receive this credit in the form of a direct-pay reimbursement. So it applies to organizations that begin solar panel installation before 2033.
  • Energy savings: Solar energy systems can help non-profits save significantly on their energy bills. Solar energy reduces this cost by utilizing a more affordable, renewable energy resource — the sun.
  • Increased property value: Installing solar panels can help increase a property’s value. If a non-profit organization decides to relocate, it may be able to sell its current building for a higher price when it has a solar energy system.

“The amount of energy and money an organization can save by switching to solar depends on its power usage and the type of solar panels it installs. ”

Any organization can implement solar panels on its property. You can schedule solar panel installation on any roof as long as it is in good condition. If your organization’s roof is old or in need of repair, you can replace the roof before panel installation or choose to place your panels elsewhere on the property.

How Solar Energy is the Solution

  • Satisfaction Value For Money Solution
  • Reliability and performance
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Professionals can install solar panels on the ground, allowing you to place a solar energy system in your building’s yard. A professional can evaluate your roof and your property to choose the best solar panel system size, layout and location.